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Is it possible to work with two competing camps? Sure it is, Bugsy Empire can do it. At the turn of 2023 and 2024, we started working with the largest fan portals of Real Madrid ( and FC Barcelona ( On the basis of unconventional ideas and an individual approach to partners, we have built a base of players on both sites who are more aware of the bookmaking industry and are more willing to bet on their teams’ matches, taking advantage of the best possible promotions that we inform them about. They also place unusual bets invented by us, which are based on Real Time Marketing.

How did it start?

In Poland – and all over the world – it is Real Madrid and FC Barcelona that are the most popular with fans, even if they are not on top in a given season. The choice of affiliates could not be more different. We always aim to work with the biggest, and these include and 

We set ourselves ambitious goals:

  • to make players aware of how bookmakers work
  • offering and readers attractive, dedicated promotions
  • to prepare special bets that cannot be found on any other site, so as to interest absolutely every fan

We redirected interested players to the registration page of the particular bookmaker we were currently promoting. We work with the best in the industry. We have prepared an affiliate programme based on our previous experience of working with other clients

An example of a sponsored article on the website. Registration links are highlighted, the player can see exactly where to register

And this is the view of the player who clicked on the registration button

Objectives of our cooperation

Our common goal was to encourage as many players as possible to register on the website of the bookmakers with whom we cooperate. We directed information about the offer available to players exclusively to users living in Poland. Only those over the age of 18 could create an account.

The results were more than satisfactory. After the first two months, which were a test for all of us, 254 players registered with the bookmakers through and 207 through After these results, both parties unanimously decided to continue the cooperation, which is still bearing fruit today

What activities did we carry out to meet the objectives?

  1. Regular contact with bookmakers on special promotions for and
  2. Construction of the Content Plan
  3. Preparation of sponsored articles based on given promotions
  4. Preparation of betting odds on Real, Barcelona and other LaLiga, Champions League and Polish and Spanish national team matches
  5. Creation of special bets
  6. Preparation of social media posts
  7. Creation of a ranking of bookmakers to clearly show punters which of them offers the best conditions
  8. Selection of relevant keywords based on competitiveness and volume
  9. Optimisation of content, i.e. preparation of material for carefully selected keywords
  10. Creation of new subpages that could work for the result all the time
  11. Optimisation of meta tags (according to prevailing seo rules), headings and internal and external linking
  12. Getting new entries indexed quickly

This is how the bookmakers’ ranking prepared by us on looks like

This is the view that readers have when they enter the website. Immediately on the homepage they see information about their favourite team’s upcoming match with current odds

An example of a Superbet bookmaker review on

All the articles we prepared were delivered to the publishers in a ready-to-publish state. Of course, our partners could make corrections, but in the vast majority of cases these were not necessary.

The biggest beneficiaries of our efforts were the players, who were constantly informed of upcoming promotions. We offered them instant access to betting and registration with the bookmaker, which only took a minute. We wanted to speed up the account creation process, which should be quick, easy, intuitive and transparent. We fulfilled all the assumptions, describing exactly how readers should proceed.

The most important results of our work, i.e. what we have achieved

Increased credibility – and on many levels. Through the largest fan portals associating Real Madrid and FC Barcelona fans, we have shown that bookmakers are reliable and fulfil the promotions they offer

A large number of registered players – the bookmakers’ databases with which we cooperate have grown significantly thanks to the cooperation with and

Promotion of ourselves – we have proven to be a great intermediary between bookmakers and affiliates. We are able to resolve disputes and also offer a special promotion or prepare an unusual bet

An example of the special bet “Will Kane break Lewandowski’s record?” that we used on

How did our collaboration work?

Seamless. So well, in fact, that we are still working together today and both parties are happy with the results. We get along well all the time and are able to work with each other.

Our cooperation is fruitful and both parties are happy with it. We focus on building good, long-term relationships with our partners. The system we have developed with affiliates has helped our partners, bookmakers and us to grow. We are an important player in the bookmaking industry.

If you are interested in working with us, please email 

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